delusional ecosystem (mercydelerium) wrote in ctmt,
delusional ecosystem

ill go ahead too!

>First Name & Nickname: anna
>E-Mail, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger: aim-annamulch
>Favorite Tori quote: it changes all the time
>City, State: springfield, illinois
>Favorite scent: lilac and lavendar
>Favorite movies: god, to many to count
>Favorite non-Tori artists: the sisters of mercy
>Favorite concert: the 5 1/2 weeks show, and the first show where i met magdalene
>Favorite non-Tori concert: god, i dont know
>Zodiac sign:
>Favorite actor & actress:
>Favorite food:
>Favorite Tori song and CD:
>what would you like to get out of this group?
>do you have bootlegs to trade?
>would you be interested in helping maintain a website for the chicagoland toriphiles?
>what ywould you like to see on the website?
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