delusional ecosystem (mercydelerium) wrote in ctmt,
delusional ecosystem

new poll to get to know each other

Please copy and paste the following short poll, fill it out and send
it to the group! It helps us
to get to know a little bit about each other . Welcome to Chicagoland Toriphiles! =)

Anna, Kara, Kate, Magdalene, Todd
Chicagoland Toriphiles Board of Directors

>First Name & Nickname:
>E-Mail, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger:
>Favorite Tori quote:
>City, State:
>Favorite scent:
>Favorite movies:
>Favorite non-Tori artists:
>Favorite concert:
>Favorite non-Tori concert:
>Zodiac sign:
>Favorite actor & actress:
>Favorite food:
>Favorite Tori song and CD:
>what would you like to get out of this group?
>do you have bootlegs to trade?
>would you be interested in helping maintain a website for the chicagoland toriphiles?
>what ywould you like to see on the website?

*-HIGHLIGHTING-* Left-click and drag, 'highlighting' the desired text.
*-PASTE-* Right-click, click copy over the highlighted text, go to a new mail, right-click again, click paste to enter the text into the new mail.
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